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Grado y Doble Grado. Curso 2017/2018.



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English Studies at the Complutense University of Madrid


The Degree in English Studies at the Complutense University of Madrid is a four-year programme managed by two departments: English Language and Linguistics (English Philology I) and Literatures in the English-Speaking Countries (English Philology II). Both are located in the Faculty of Philology at the Moncloa campus. The Faculty buildings are equipped with lecture halls, seminar classrooms, laboratories, libraries (general, modern philology, classical philology, Hispanic and Romance philology), computer labs, wifi connection, cafeteria, etc. They also have nearby university sports facilities. Students successfully completing the DES at the UCM have the opportunity of proceeding onto related postdoctoral programmes in English linguistics and literature, at master and PhD level, run by the departments involved. Opportunities for self-development also include a variety of national and international mobility programmes which can be accessed from the early years (ERASMUS, SICUE, etc.), as well as external traineeship programmes available to third and fourth year students.


Degree in English Studies. Subjects

1st Year (subject descriptors pdf here)

1st term

2nd term

English Language B1.3

English Language B2.1

An Introduction to Linguistics (Spanish)

Second Foreign Language II

Second Foreign Language I

Classic Mythology (Spanish)

Written Spanish for Academic Purposes through Literary Texts (Spanish)

Anglo-North American Cultural History (Spanish)

An Introduction to Literary Texts in English

English Phonetics and Phonology


2nd Year (subject descriptors pdf here)

3rd term

4th term

English Language B2.2

English Language B2.3

English Syntax

English Applied Linguistics

English Literature up to 1800

English Literature 1800 to 1900

Elective subject

English Renaissance Theatre

Elective subject

Elective subject


3rd Year (subject descriptors pdf here)

5th term

6th term

English Language C1.1.

English Language C1.2

US Literature up to 1850

History of the English Language

Elective subject

US Literature 1850 to 1900

Elective subject

Elective subject

Elective  subject

Elective subject


4th Year (subject descriptors pdf here)

7th term

8th term

English in the Media (English C.2)

English Pragmatics and Discourse

English Semantics

Anglo-North American Modernist Poetry

Anglo-North American Modenist Fiction

Elective subject

Elective subject

Elective subject

Degree Final Dissertation


To access list and subject contents in Spanish, click here. Then press on the desired subject.

 -      Unless otherwise stated, the language of instruction is English.

-      Elective subjects are listed below:



Discourse and Text in English

Semantics and Pragmatics

Introduction to Semiotics and Multimodality in English

English Language and Ideology

Methodology in English Language Teaching

English for Specific Purposes

Information and Communication Technologies Applied to the English Language

Psycholinguistics in English Learning and Acquisition

Research Methodology in English Linguistics

Translation and English-Spanish Contrastive Linguistics

Computational and Corpus Linguistics in English

Varieties of English

Origins and Consolidation of the English Language

English Historical and Cultural Contexts

Gender Studies and their Literary Expression in English

Contemporary Literary Criticism in English

New Technologies in Literary Research

Enlightment in North-American Cultural History

Romanticism: Poetry and Poetics

Shakespeare: A Critical Reading

Irish Literature

The Literature of Ethnicity in the US: Afro-North American Literature and Diaspora

US poetry from 1950

Great Britain Poetry from 1950

Contemporary US fiction

Contemporary Fiction in Great Britain

20th Century Theatre in the US

20th Century Theatre in Great Britain

Second Foreign Language III

Second Foreign Language IV

External Traineeships