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Bachelor of European Studies (BAES). Grado conjunto otorgado por UCM, KUL, UNIBO y JU (Alianza Una Europa)

Grado y Doble Grado. Curso 2024/2025.

Acceso específico al título

Specific access to BAES


Everyone with studies that gives access to a Bachelor's programme, comparable to the BAES, can apply for the programme. Procedure:

1- The admission and administrative process is centralized at KU Leuven. Follow the application procedure at KU Leuven, this procedure is indispensable to be accepted in this program. In this coordinating university you will follow the enrolment process and pay the tuition fee.


2- To comply with Spanish national and regional law, UCM must follow an extra pre-admission process to start these studies at UCM. The students who apply at UCM as a start university must follow the pre-admission procedure at UCM. This procedure is different according to your previous studies:

·   Studies in Spain that give access to the University:  

·   Studies in the European Union that give access to the University and if your family has residence in Spain:  

·   Studies in the European Union that give access to the University and if your family has not residence in Spain or Non-European studies that give you access to the University:   



An English language certificate will be required. The programme accepts the following tests as a proof of English proficiency:

-  TOEFL (internet based or paper delivered). Minimum score 90 overall (with no subscore below 20)

-  IELTS. Minimum score 6.5 (with no subscore below 5.5)

-  ESOL Cambridge (CAE/CPE). Minimum score 176 overall (with no subscore below 169)

Applicants holding a degree awarded within the EEA can be exempted from the proof of English proficiency if at least 12 course hours per week were taught in the English language (Physical Education not included) during their last year, or if they had at least 12 hours of English (language course) on a weekly basis during their entire secondary education. E.g. English language course for 2 hours a week during 6 years of secondary education, or for 4 hours a week during the last 3 years of secondary education.

Applicants who hold a prior secondary education degree or higher education degree awarded by an English-speaking programme from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom or the USA, shall automatically be exempted from the language requirement.

(*) Spanish language requirement is not necessary for international students how apply to this programme.


Información específica para matrícula

Specific information for enrollment

The enrolment and payment of the tuition fee will be at KU Leuven as coordinating university. You will be informed about the procedure and deadlines when the admission proccess is completed.

Perfil recomendado para el estudiante de nuevo ingreso

Recommended profile for the new students

  • Are you interested in Europe?

  • Do you want to know more about Europe’s past and present? Have you ever thought about the relationship between Europe and other parts of the world?

  • Do you look for a programme that provides you with truly multidisciplinary knowledge on Europe?

  • Are you also looking for a programme which offers you tailor-made disciplinary specializations in philosophy, law, economics, history, politics, international relations and linguistics, and which prepare you for your future studies? 

  • Do you want to benefit from truly transnational European mobility and take courses in up to three different outstanding European universities during your bachelor studies? 

  • Do you like to study with other students from all over Europe and the world?

  • Do you consider a future career in the context of international organizations, the European Union, national public services and diplomacy, the private business sector, think tanks and interest groups, or non-governmental organizations?

Transferencia y reconocimiento de créditos


Visit the specific common education regulations for BAES (IV.1: Exemptions). This procedure is centralized by KU Leuven.