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Economía (en inglés)

Grado y Doble Grado. Curso 2024/2025.



Economics studies have a long and distinguished tradition within the Complutense University of Madrid, which has been offering these studies since 1944. There is also an important demand for Economics graduates in the Spanish and Madrid labour market.

Therefore, the Faculty of Economics & Business has consolidated a broad academic experience in combination with a strong research activity, generating theories and models transferable to the field of organizational management.

Economics students can choose to specialize in Economic Analysis, Global Economy, Applied Economics, Monetary and Financial Policy or Public Economics, and this specialization will appear in their academic degree (“Bachelor in Economics with a specialization in ...”). There is a choice of many optional courses, including an External Internship. Additionally, the Degree can be taken 88% in English.

The Faculty of Economics& Business, located in the Somosaguas Campus in Madrid, offers students a wide range of additional services, such as an Internship Office, International Relations Office, Library, mentoring program for first year students, Conference Cycles, Training Activities, and Professional orientation workshops.

The Faculty also offers Double Degree programs in Economics and International Relations (including an English-language group), as well as Economics and Mathematics & Statistics (currently only in Spanish).

For any question, please contact the Degree Coordinator (coordinador.geco@ucm.es)