Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ADE) (en inglés)

Grado y Doble Grado. Curso 2023/2024.

Organización, composición y funciones del SGIC

Organization, composition and functions of the IQGSC (Internal Quality Guarantee System Commission):

The description of the organization, compositions and objectives of the IQGSC is available here (in Spanish).

Information of the IQGSC of the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration is available here (in Spanish).

Operating Regulations of the IQGSC of the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (in Spanish).

Mejoras implantadas

Achieved Improvements:

The improvements in the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration that have been achieved since the academic year 2012-13 can be found in the following link (in Spanish).

Sistema de quejas y reclamaciones

Complaints and grievances:

The complaints and suggestions mailbox on the website of the Faculty has been linked to an online form. Each form is delivered directly to the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies, who transfers the complaint or suggestion to the corresponding person (herself, other Vice Deans, Degree Coordinators) in order to identify and carry out the necessary improvement or correction.

Another frequently used channel to make suggestions, complaints and grievances is through the Degree Coordinators. The Degree Coordinator directly handles the suggestions and complaints about which (s)he has authority, and transfers to the corresponding Vice Dean those that require action by other instances.

Inserción laboral

Employability of graduates:

The Faculty of Economics & Business is well aware of the importance of measuring the degree of employability of its graduates. It has therefore created the Observatory of Economics and Business within the framework of a Project of Innovation and Improvement of Teaching Quality (“PIMCD”) of the Complutense University. In addition, during the academic year 2018/19, the Innovation Project number 285 entitled “Improvement of the IQGSC of the center: Analysis of student satisfaction with professor and subjects, graduates and employers” was started. One of the aims of this initiative is to obtain and analyze official data on the employment of the Faculty’s graduates.

Of the total number of Business Administration graduates that responded, 40% are studying and working simultaneously, while 33% dedicate their time solely to work, hence leading to a total of 73% that are economically active in the labour market. 20% are studying without participating in the labour market.

The respondents have a generally positive view of the Degree, with 36% considering that their studies have helped them very strongly in their current employment. A majority of the respondents who are working have a labour contract in a private company (67%), followed by an internship (25%) and public employment (8%). Regarding the working conditions of graduates in their first job, it is worth mentioning that 66% start with a temporary contract while 33% immediately have an indefinite contract. Finally, dedication to employment is mainly full-time (67%).

For complete information about employability of graduates, see here.

Resultados de las evaluaciones

Results of monitoring reports:

Access to the Monitoring Reports of the Degree in Business Administration.

Link to the Spanish Ministry’s RUCT: title code 2500825

Encuestas de satisfacción

Satisfaction surveys:

The satisfaction surveys of the different groups (students, professors, administrative and service staff) can be consulted through the following link.