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Continuing education

Visiting Professors

We have more than twenty teachers, selected among the top specialists in flamenco, from different universities and professional centers.

Cristina Cruces

Professor (cátedra) of Social Anthropology at the University of Seville. Researcher and coordinator of projects linked to international institutions that have contributed to expand scientifical knowledge on Flamenco. Currently, she is developing studies on flamenco and cultural heritage, gender, audiovisual registers and contemporary expressions.

Pedro Ordóñez

Pedro OrdóñezPhD in Musicology from the University of Granada. Hired Professor Doctor at the University of Granada. Among his lines of research is learning about the relationship between music and plastic arts and their confluence with the ideological and the political as well as analyzing creative processes -from flamenco to the latest artistic trends- and artistic and sound education.

Lola Fernández

Lola Fernández

PhD in Musicology, professor (cátedra) at the Madrid Royal Conservatory of Music and composer. Researcher, teacher and lecturer dedicated to music theory, piano, harmony, interpretation and flamenco musical composition.

Bernat Jiménez de Cisneros

Bernat Jiménez de Cisneros

PhD in Musicology and flamenco guitarist from the Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceo. He is a flamenco guitar teacher at relevant institutions such as ESMUC or the Conservatory of Liceo, teaching sessions on flamenco rhythm and contemporary flamenco guitar practice.

Alicia González

Alicia González

PhD in Musicology at the University of Granada, specializes in research on flamenco, has given lectures, and published articles in impact journals, collaborating with international institutions interested in this musical genre.

Diego García Peinazo

Diego García Peizao

PhD in Musicology from the University of Oviedo and Assistant Professor at the University of Córdoba. He has published book chapters, articles, and conferences on rock, intertextuality, politics, sound discourse, and identities in flamenco and popular music in Andalusia.

Felipe Conde

Felipe CondeLuthier who is specialized in flamenco and classical guitar, is the fourth generation of the Conde-Esteso family of guitar makers.

Faustino Núñez

Faustino NúñezGraduate's and Master's degree holder in Musicology from the University of Vienna, cellist, and flamenco professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Córdoba for ten years. He was the musical director of the Antonio Gades Company and president of its Foundation. He is the author of the website www.flamencopolis.com.

Carlos Martín Ballester

Carlos Martín BallesterSpecialist in sound heritage and digitization and restoration of 78 rpm records and phonograph cylinders. He directs the Carlos Martín Ballester Collection, the largest music archive in Spain from the period 1890-1960, in which the quality and historical and phonographic importance of the flamenco section stand out.

Paco Escobar

Paco EscobarPhD in Hispanic Philology, and associate professor at the University of Seville. A specialized researcher in music, poetry, and performing arts, he is also a literary-musical composer and flamenco guitarist.

Guillermo Castro

PhD and guitarist graduated from the Murcia Conservatory of Music. Professor of Flamencology at the Conservatorio Superior de Córdoba. Specialized in musicology, guitar and flamencology.

Can Wang

Esperanza Fernandez

Can Wang (Beijing 1990), flamenco guitarist, composer and educator, more known as "The Gypsy of Beijing". Disciple of Manolo Sanlúcar.  Master's Degree in Research and Analysis of Flamenco from the University of Cádiz and Graduated from the Superior Conservatory of Music of Córdoba ¨Rafael Orozco¨. Founder of Flamenco-China and author of several flamenco tutorials.

Lucía Gutiérrez

Lucía Gutiérrez

Law graduate and Central Registrar of Intellectual Property. She has given lectures on intellectual property at national and international forums.

David Leiva

David Leiva

Flamenco guitarist, educator, composer and musicologist. Director of the Institut Flamenco de Barcelona and the flamenco area of ​​the Taller de Músics. Artistic director of the Ciutat Flamenco festival. He is the official transcriber of the guitarist Paco de Lucía, publishing his results in books and academic articles. He has worked with artists such as Tomatito, Carles Benavent, Joan Albert Amargós and Chano Domínguez.

Diego Fernández

Diego FernándezPhD in Law from the University of Córdoba, Director of the "Instituto de Cultura Gitana" of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. He is a lecturer and researcher on Gypsy culture and flamenco.