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Continuing education


The UCM Master's Degree in Flamenco organizes its contents into six learning modules divided into three content blocks:

  • Flamenco history and theory lectures
  • Musical analysis of traditional and contemporary flamenco
  • External Practice in professional institutions associated to flamenco

Education whose access requires a previous university degree or equivalent degree, although other access routes can be contemplated due to the interdisciplinary nature of these studies and the presumable access of students from other countries of the European Union or Latin America.

Duration: one academic year.

Teaching load: 60 credits that include the preparation and defense of a Final Master's Project (TFM), which will have an extension of 10 ECTS. As a TFM, it will be possible to analyze an existing repertoire or propose a creation of your own related to the aspects worked on in the development of the master's degree.

External curricular internships: supervised in companies and institutions of recognized prestige linked to flamenco, in which the student will be able to carry out tasks of a professional nature in the field of cataloging, analysis, management and interpretation. Among the centers that already have an agreement with the UCM are the Círculo Flamenco de Madrid, the Juan March Foundation, the National Library of Spain, the Víctor Espinós Library, the Institute of Gypsy Culture, the Corral de la Morería or the Construction Workshop of guitars by Felipe Conde.

Number of vacancies: 30

Modality: Online, except for some sessions that will be announced in due time (School of Geography and History, UCM). We will have the support of an English translator in these meetings for international students.

First Semester Thursday Friday
16:00-18:30 Theoretical Foundations of Flamenco I Musical Analysis and Transcription I


Second Semester Thursday Friday
16:00-18:30 Theoretical Foundations of Flamenco II Musical Analysis and Transcription II