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Continuing education


This Masters aims to offer students specialized training that allows them to provide themselves with resources for the knowledge and performance of flamenco. For this, we have teachers with international accredited prestige and a solid track record that is linked to both research and the interpretation of flamenco, understood in its many manifestations.

Taught by recognized teachers in the field, and with a large faculty from the Complutense University of Madrid, specifically from the Department of Musicology, space in which this Master is inserted.


We will have the privilege of having exclusive sessions by the masters of flamenco in each of its forms. From the best stages in the world, artists from different generations will come to our classrooms, demonstrating to our students their experience and deep knowledge of this art.

Analysis and Transcription

We have an expert teaching staff, among whose names are references in performance practice and in different fields of study.

Experts and Researchers

We have more than twenty professors, selected from among the top specialists in flamenco, from different universities and professional centers.