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Virtual Exchange Program FALL Semester 2021 ASIA UNIVERSITY

Notes for the Virtual Exchange Program at Asia University:

  1. ALL courses listed in the brochure are taught in English (except Mandarin Chinese course) and designed for the virtual exchange program.
  2. All courses are taught online synchronously (unless specified) to better engage the students.
  3. Students interested in the virtual exchange need to register at their home university and at Asia University (AU) and are allowed to take between 1 and 3 courseslisted in the brochure for exchange purpose. Exception will be grantedwith a special request from the partner.
  4. Students to AU for the virtual exchange can add or drop courses within two weeks after the semester begins, and no fees will be charged.
  5. The Fallsemester 2021 at AU starts on September 13, 2021 and ends on January 15, 2022
  6. Partner universities need to nominate their students for this virtual exchange to AU at least 4 weeks before the Fall semester begins (that is before Aug. 16th, 2021)so that we can help register the exchange students in AU system, enabling them totake courses online.
  7. At AU an undergraduate course is required to have 20 students or more and agraduate course 5 students or more. The course offered in the brochure may becanceled, if not enough students meet the number requirement.
  8. The virtual exchange students will be charged if the course is customized, specified, or offered by the request of AU partner universities.
  9. Each student participating in the virtual exchange program will be charged US$10 (ten dollars) for the delivery of transcripts and attendance certificate at the end of the program.
  10. To avoid extra bank service charge for wire transferring the payment, please pay in group and add additional US$10 (ten dollars) for this bank service.

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