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Asia Culture Center_Research Fellow Program 2022

Asia Culture Center_Research Fellow Program 2022 

ACC_Research Fellow 2022 Open Call
The ACC_Research Fellow Program 2022 welcomes domestic and foreign applicants who wish to conduct a research on Asian culture to broaden humanistic discourse and cultural horizons.

The areas of study are (1) Asia Stories, (2) Asia Food, clothing and shelter, (3) Asia festival and rituals, (4) Asia migration and domiciliation, and (5) Asia art and symbol. Research topics on “environment” or “urban culture” regarding Asian art and culture, or researches that can be adapted as ACC content for performances, exhibitions, or creations are preferred.

This program will run for two to three months from June 20 up to October 31, 2022, depending on the duration stipulated on the researchers’ application. During the program, each researcher will be actively involved in exchanges with other participants. They will have many opportunities to enhance their own expertise with the possibility of follow-up studies through various academic events in the ACC, such as symposiums and seminars, etc.

We are looking forward to receiving applications from passionate, dedicated researchers who would like to join in our sincere effort to look at Asia in a new way and promote cultural diversity.

- Maximum KRW 3,570,000 of Research Grant per month for Experienced Researchers (incl. Tax)
- Maximum KRW 2,380,000 of Research Grant per month for Emerging Researchers (incl. Tax)
※ Two installments: first upon the submission of the implementation plan report and second upon the final thesis.
※ All trips and relevant costs for the research is included in the grant.
- A designated accommodation in the ACC (only for one person)
- A research room in the ACC
- One round-trip airfare (Economy)

Applicant must at least has a doctorate degree in a related field, and has a certain level of publication records specified by ACC.

To apply, download application forms from ACC website and submit with relevant documents by e-mail (chanyu@korea.kr) BEFORE 6 P.M. on Friday, May 13th (KST). Post or on-site submission will NOT be accepted.

Relevant documents are: Copies of certificate of graduation, certificate for career, certificate of employment, published articles, etc.
※ Foreigners are required to submit a copy of their passports.
※ Attachments can be uploaded up to a size of 50MB.
※ Submitted documents will not be returned.

Selection Result will be announced on ACC website on Friday, May 27th, 2022 (the schedule is subject to change). Selected applicant who fails to reply to the acceptance email within 5 days, the opportunity will be passed to the next candidate.

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