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Lines of research

The lines of research covered by this programme are:

  1. Archaeometallurgy.
  2. Corrosion and protection of steels, intermetallics and light alloys.
  3. Analytical chromatography.
  4. Electroanalysis and (bio)sensors.
  5. Molecular spectroscopy. Dynamics of chemical reactions. Laser chemistry.
  6. Surface engineering and joining processes.
  7. Nanochemistry and nanomaterials. Soft matter: polymers, colloids, interfaces and biomaterials.
  8. Quantum chemistry, molecular modelling and simulation.
  9. Chemistry of coordination compounds and organometallic compounds. Polyfunctional molecular materials.
  10. Solid State Chemistry. Structure and properties of functional materials. Development of new materials.
  11. Optochemical sensors.
  12. Thermodynamics. Chemistry at high pressures and temperatures; supercritical fluids.
  13. Biohydrometallurgical treatment of minerals, effluents and soils.
  14. Trace, speciation and metallomics.

The research groups involved in the PhD programme research one or more of the lines indicated above.

The research lines of each group can be consulted in this document or on the web pages of each group: