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Appraisal of applications

Students who have completed a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, as well as the Master's Degree in Chemical Science and Technology offered by UCM, will have preferential access.

Alternatively, students who have obtained Bachelor's or Master's Degrees in areas such as Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering or other areas related to current chemical research may be admitted.


The PhD Academic Commission will assess, in any case, other access profiles from students from other countries or, in general, where it is more difficult to judge the adequacy of the level of studies undertaken, indicating to the student their admission or non-admission in a reasoned manner.

Students who are not considered to have an adequate level of training may be admitted with the commitment of acquiring the specific training complements corresponding to a maximum of 18 credits in subjects of the UCM Master's Degree in Chemical Science and Technology. The Academic Commission will indicate to each student the specific subjects to be taken, depending on the previous studies they have accredited.

Since most of the scientific research in our area is published in English and this is the main vehicle for international scientific communication, knowledge of this language corresponding to level B1, and preferably B2 or higher, is recommended.


During the admission process, the Academic Commission of the PhD in Advanced Chemistry will establish an order of priority for candidates who meet the general requirements, considering the following aspects:

  • Curriculum vitae (50 %): Preference will be given to the student's academic record and the level of English accredited by the appropriate official certification.
  • Adequacy of the postgraduate studies to the research areas indicated in the Doctoral Programme (30 %).
  • Research activity in the area of chemistry and the results obtained: scientific communications at conferences and publications (10%).
  • Personal interview (10 %): Among other aspects, the transversal training of the candidate will be assessed and, in the case of non-Spanish speaking foreign applicants, the Commission will evaluate the students' ability to have an adequate level of Spanish (read, spoken and written) for their effective participation in the PhD programme.

The student must reach 60% of the maximum score to be admitted to the PhD Programme.