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Tutor and Thesis Director


The tutor is responsible for the adaptation of the training and research activity to the principles of the programs and, where appropriate, of the Doctoral Schools. At the moment of admission to the PhD programme, each PhD candidate will be assigned a tutor from the UCM.


Within a maximum period of three months from enrolment, the Academic Commission responsible for the programme must assign each PhD student a PhD thesis supervisor, who may or may not coincide with the tutor referred to in the previous section.

The director will be the main responsible for the coherence and suitability of the training activities, the impact and novelty of the PhD thesis . He/she will guide the planning and its adaptation, if applicable, to other projects and activities where the PhD candidate participates.


There is the possibility of co-direction of doctoral theses, with the maximum number of directors allowed by the PhD programme being three, subject to prior authorisation by the Academic Commission. This authorisation may be revoked at a later date if, in the opinion of the Academic Commission of the programme, co-direction does not benefit the development of the thesis.

Co-direction of doctoral theses will be encouraged in those interdisciplinary studies that make this advisable or when the research involves international collaborations, in order to facilitate the supervision of the student in the different research centres. Co-direction will also be encouraged when one of the directors is a young researcher.

In the case of co-direction of theses, the Academic Commission will appoint as tutor the lecturer with the highest category and seniority, unless expressly requested by the co-directors of the doctoral thesis. The Academic Commission will ensure that the participation of international experts in the different areas of research related to the Doctoral Programme is encouraged, both in the supervision of the doctoral theses and in their participation as members of the panels appointed to judge them.

Both the Tutor and the Director(s) must follow the recommendations and commitments established in the Code of Good Practices and the Written Commitment.


The Academic Commission, having heard the PhD student, director and tutor, may change the appointment of the tutor or director of a PhD student at any time during the period of the doctoral programme, provided that there are justified reasons.