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Thesis Presentation / Binding rules

A printed copy of the final version of the thesis must be handed in to the Student Secretary's Office of the Faculty before the date of the presentation.

Mandatory rules

Paper copy of the thesis

Front cover

The front cover of the copy of the thesis must include:

  • The University
  • The centre in which it is presented.
  • The seal of the UCM.
  • The title of the thesis in Spanish and in another language (if its presentation in another language has been authorised).
  • Name and surnames of the PhD candidate.
  • Name and surnames of the director or directors.

Names must be complete, abbreviations will not be accepted. If the thesis has more than one volume, the corresponding numbering must be added to each of them.


Regarding the content, the following must appear first:

  • A summary in English and Spanish (and, where appropriate, in the language in which it is submitted if other than English), which must be listed in the table of contents and may be incorporated at the beginning or end.

And then the body of the thesis.

Electronic copy of the thesis

The PDF with the provisional version of the thesis will be included in step 1 of the telematic deposit of the thesis.

The PDF with the final version will be included in step 2


In this final version in the first place must appear:

  • The pre-front cover form required by the UCM Library completed, before the title page of the thesis.

The PDF must reproduce literally the content of the paper copy of the thesis, including the declaration of authorship and originality.


Recommendations to bind the PhD thesis


The copy of the thesis must be presented in A4 bound in paper, pasteboard, leather, cardboard or any other similar material. Copies bound in plastic comb or similar are not advisable since this could harm its preservation.