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Material resources and services

The Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid has numerous services that offer a wide infrastructure for the development of the research of the doctoral students who are being trained in the PhD Programme in Advanced Chemistry. Thus, in addition to the laboratories, it has a lecture hall, computer rooms, wired and wireless networks, and the "Enrique Moles" library and periodicals library. In addition, there are numerous classrooms and rooms for lectures, presentation of results, work meetings and defence of doctoral theses. The specific details of all these spaces can be consulted here.

In addition, the Complutense University of Madrid has Research Support Centres (CAI) distributed in different Faculties, which comprise various units of services to the university community and companies, and which are used by PhD students for the development of their doctoral theses. Of special interest to students on our programme are the Nuclear Magnetic and Electron Spin Resonance, Spectroscopy and Correlation, X-Ray Diffraction, Mass Spectrometry, and Elemental Microanalysis, as well as the National Centre for Electron Microscopy (ICTS), all located in the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid. Likewise, numerous researchers from the UPM and several CSIC institutes that make up the Moncloa Campus of International Excellence offer their infrastructures and training capacity to the PhD students on the programme.