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‘Papers-style’ thesis

Article 10.3 of the regulation implementing Royal Decree 99/2011 of 28 January (BOE 10/02/2011), which regulate PhD studies at the UCM, makes reference to the possibility of submitting any of the PhD candidate work published before as an integral part of their thesis:

PhD thesis may be submitted in 'papers-style'. In the papers that make up the Thesis, the PhD candidate must have participated as the main author and will have been published in specialist journals included in indexes of proven quality or similar scientific level in books. The PhD candidate’s director and tutor will certify the nature of the contribution of the PhD candidate in the papers. These compilations must always be accompanied by an introduction that includes a review of the current state of the subject, the objectives and/or hypotheses, an integrative discussion and conclusions. When a PhD Thesis is presented in this format, the permission of other authors included in the papers must be provided

IMPORTANT: In addition to the general conditions established in this article, centres responsible for the doctoral programmes may establish specific requirements that should be referred to in order to obtain additional information.

In compliance with Article 13.5 of the aforementioned regulations, ONCE THE PhD THESIS HAS BEEN DEFENDED AND PASSED, the doctoral candidate must send the UCM Library by email (buc_tesi@ucm.es) authorisation from the publishers in which the articles have been published for inclusion in the institutional repository of the UCM.

Use the following link to download the publisher permission request form: biblioteca.ucm.es/tesis-repositorio