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Registration and written commitment

The student must submit the thesis registration and the written commitment, duly signed, to the Student's Secretary Office of the center responsible for the doctoral programme.

  •  Form for the "Registration / Modification of the PhD Thesis" (Model 057). Within the stipulated period the student will proceed to register the thesis. The assigned director and the title of the Thesis, which may not exceed 200 characters, must be indicated.
  •  Written Commitment of Supervision of the Doctoral Student. The UCM has established a written commitment that must be signed by the Academic Commission, the PhD student, the tutor and the director at the time of registration of the thesis.  The document includes, as required by the aforementioned RD, a dispute resolution procedure as well as the aspects relating to intellectual and industrial property rights and the system for the transfer of the exploitation rights that may be generated within the scope of the PhD programme and the thesis performed. The written commitment follows the recommendations and commitments established by the code of good practices.
  •  In case of requesting a change of tutor or director, the Annex of modification of the written commitment must be completed. The incorporation of a co-director can only be requested from the first year onwards, and never in the last year of the Programme.