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RD 99/2011, of 28 January 2011 (BOE 10.2.2011), establishes a time limit for PhD studies, depending on whether they are full-time (three years) or, exceptionally, part-time (five years).

The Complutense University of Madrid approved in the Governing Council of 26 October 2016 (BOUC of 2.12.2016), the Regulations of the permanence in PhD studies. Amendment to the point 5 of the continuity in PhD programs

Depending on how the PhD candidate carries out his/her studies (full time or part time), his/her continuity in the program is shown in the following table.

Guidelines to consider for calculating the continuity on the programme

1. It is not possible to change from full-time (FT) to part-time (PT) when the 3 years of FT study have expired. Nor is it not possible to change from PT to FT when the 5 years of PT study have expired.

2. During extensions, it is not possible to change from FT to PT or vice versa.

3. Extensions can be requested during the final 4 months of the stay on the programme, but the start date is always 15 October (except in cases where the deadline is not 15 October due to temporary leave due to unexpected causes).

4. Temporary leave for special reasons (one academic year) can only be requested during the enrolment period and exceptionally until 30 November (this will mean cancellation of the enrolment if already carried out).

5. It is not possible to request temporary leave for special reasons (one academic year) for the following academic year at the end of the last extension.