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Grants and Mobility

Within the PhD Programme in Advanced Chemistry, student mobility is encouraged through stays in other research centres. Before carrying out the stay, students must request the approval of the Academic Commission. Stays at centres of recognised prestige will be authorised if their educational value is accredited. The corresponding training activity in the doctoral programme requires at least a three-month stay in a research centre outside the UCM. Given the need for funding, this activity will not be compulsory.

Everything related to doctoral student mobility can be consulted in the following links:

Doctoral School: https://www.ucm.es/doctoral-school/
Faculty of Chemical Sciences: https://www.ucm.es/chemical-sciences/international
Research Service: https://www.ucm.es/informacion-contratos-predoctorales-investigacion
International UCM: https://www.ucm.es/english/incoming-mobility

Everything related to scholarships can be consulted at the following link of the Doctoral School: https://edoctorado.ucm.es/becas.