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SGIC Doctoral Programs Faculty of Chemical Sciences

UCM has elaborated a code of good practices for doctoral studies. The Steering Committee of the Doctoral School on May 9, 2019, elaborated a new code of good practices, which has been approved by the Complutense University. It consists of a set of recommendations and commitments to ensure the optimal development of doctoral theses and to establish mechanisms for the resolution of possible conflicts. The document addresses the following aspects:

  • Introduction: General recommendations.
  • Recommendations for the thesis supervisor(s).
  • Recommendations for the tutor/s of the thesis.
  • Recommendations for the doctoral student.
  • Recommendations for other agents.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Intellectual or industrial property regime.


IQAS PhD Programmes Faculty of Chemical Sciences

The PhD programme in Advanced Chemistry is included in the Internal Quality Assurance System of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences. In addition to the Quality Committee, there is a Committee for the Evaluation and Improvement of the Quality of the Master's and Doctoral Degrees whose mission is to identify, analyse and propose to the Quality Commission solutions to problems and inefficiencies detected in the development of the teaching activity.

Information on the RUCT, verification and monitoring processes

The Doctoral Programme (registered in the Registry of Universities, Centers and Degrees, RUCT 5601088) is subject to a verification system, with the elaboration of follow-up reports that are evaluated by a committee. This information is available on the web page of the Internal Quality Assurance System of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences.