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Procedures and deadlines

Thesis submission dates for students who end their stay on the programme

During its meetings of 11-12-2018 and 9-1-2019, the Doctorate Committee adopted the following resolutions:

  • PhD candidates whose stay on the programme ends on 15 October 2020 may only defend their thesis until 15 November 2020; this means, as advised in the enrolment rules for the 2019-20 academic year, the thesis must be submitted to the academic committee of the programme before 15 July 2020.
  • PhD candidates who, as a result of being in situations of unexpected withdrawal or changing between full- and part-time studies, end their stay on the programme on dates other than 15 October, must submit their thesis to the academic committee of their respective programmes at least three months before the deadline. In these cases, they can defend their thesis up to one month after the final date of their stay on the programme. 
  • In all cases, at the time of submitting the thesis, the doctoral candidate must be enrolled in the corresponding academic year.