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- Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Infographics | Más | Más |

- Agencia Catalana de Seguridad Alimentaria, Infografías | Más

- American Heart Association

- American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), Infografías

- BMJ, Infografías

- CDC, Infografías | Más | Más | Más | Más | Más | Más |

- CPSDA (Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association), Infografías

- EFSA, Infografías

- European Commission, Infografías

- FAO | En español

- IFIC (International Food Information Council Foundation), Infografías

- Obesity Society, Infographics

- PEN (Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition), Infografías | Here is an infographic of infographics | Interested to learn more about infographic creation? This presentation from Ontario Public Health outlines preparatory work to be done prior to creating an infographic and kinds of infographics to create (3). This site from the Health Science Information Consortium of Toronto (1) lists infographic resources to get you started

- Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

- Sostenibilidad, Infografías y vídeos

- World Food Programme

- WHO/OMS | Más | Más | Más | Más | Infographics on Essential Nutrition Actions (ENA)



- Biblioteca Cochrane Iberoamérica


Materiales para el alumno de algunos Manuales de Nutrición

- Akabas, Lederman, Moore: Textbook of Obesity: Biological, Psychological and Cultural Influences, 2013

- Gibney, Lanham-New, Cassidy, Vorster: Introduction to Human Nutrition, 2nd Edition, 2012

- Grosvenor, Smolin: Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices, 3rd Edition, 2014

- Grosvenor, Smolin: Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices, 4rd Edition, 2017

- Elia, Ljungqvist, Stratton, Lanham-New: Clinical Nutrition, 2nd Edition, 2013

- Lanham-New, MacDonald, Roche: Nutrition and Metabolism, 2nd Edition, 2011

- Lanham-New, Stear, Shirreffs, Collins: Sport and Exercise Nutrition, 2012

- Lovegrove, Hodson, Sharma, Lanham-New, Krebs: Nutrition Research Methodologies, 2015

- Research Chefs Association: Culinology: The Intersection of Culinary Art and Food Science, 2016

- Smolin, Grosvenor: Nutrition: Science and Applications, Binder Ready Version, 4th Edition, 2016


Otros materiales

- AECOSAN, Material didactico para profesores

- AICR, Materiales para educación nutricional

- AND, Global Food and Nutrition Resource HubHow to Explain Basic Nutrition Concepts | Food Illustrations and Nutrient Charts

- BNF, Food a fact of life (recursos diversos -ppt, e-seminars, posters, vídeos, ...- sobre dieta saludable para niños y jóvenes de 3 a 16 años) | Vídeos

- FDA, Education Resource Library | Resources for you | Nutrition Facts Label Programs and Materials |

- FNIC, Food and Nutrition Education Centre | Nutrition education | Professional and Career Resources | Más recursos, NAL, USDA

- Food and Health Communications, Creative culinary resources for health educators. Algunos de acceso libre | Infografías | Presentaciones PowerPoint

- Fundación Bengoa, Materiales educativos

- Harvard School of Public Health Resouces

- IFIC, Education

- NIH, Measurement Error Webinar Series (The series is intended for nutritionists, epidemiologists, statisticians, graduate students, and others with an interest in measurement error in dietary intake data. A basic level of familiarity with statistics and dietary assessment is recommended)

- NIH, National Hearth, Lung and Blood Institutes, US Department of Health and Human Services, We Can! Tools and Resources | Portion distorsion | Resources for health profesionals | Research resources | Resources for the public

- NZNF Seminars presentations

- Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Teaching resources

- Queensland Health, Australia, Nutrition Education Materials Online (NEMO)

- The MPH (Master of Public Health) online learning modules, Boston University School of Publich Health, 2016 | MENU

- UCDavis, University of California, Recursos | Nutrition to grown on | Connencting the dots

- UNED, Guía de Alimentación y Salud, Guía de Nutrición

- UNL (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Food, nutrition and health | Healthy eating for kids | Alimentación sostenible | Food, Nutrition, Fitness, and Food Safety

- USDA, Eat healthy, Be active community workshops, talleres para promocionar un estilo de vida saludable, En inglés y en español |

- WCRF, Here to help

- Wellness Proposals | Free nutrition library and resources | Más | Health promotion | Wellness Library

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"

Notes and Queries Magazine, 1866, feb 24:153

René Magritte. Esto no es una manzana - 1964
René Magritte. Esto no es una manzana - 1964

Roberto Mezio - Frutero con manzanas verdes en caja de cartón
Roberto Mezio - Frutero con manzanas verdes en caja de cartón

Maurice Siéron - Still Life with Fruit Platter
Maurice Siéron - Still Life with Fruit Platter

Debbie Urquhart - Still Life with Yellow Auricula - 2005
Debbie Urquhart - Still Life with Yellow Auricula - 2005