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Requirements, documents, deadlines

Convocatoria (pdf)

Academic Year 2024-25

Before accessing the online registration

  • Check if you have all the documents that you will need to upload to apply for admission to PhD. Check in this link the necessary documentation to register according to the country where you have completed the studies that give you access to PhD. The documentation must be provided in digital format (.jpg or .pdf file) when accessing the online platform.
  • To access the platform you will need to enter an email. Any communication from the UCM will be done through said mail.
  • If you already have an @ucm email account, log in with your data, as usual.
  • If you do not have an @ucm email account, enter in Nombre de usuario your personal email:
    • When you click on Entrar, the platform will send a password to your email.
    • You will use your email address as Nombre de usuario, and the password you received as your Contraseña.



Do not forget to write down the email and password with which you have made the registration. It will be essential to access your application again in case you need to complete documentation and to check the admission results.


  • A single application will be filled out indicating the programs in which you are interested (maximum 3), and the centre in case the programme is taught in various faculties.
  • Your application will be registered at the time you have chosen the programme/s and can generate the corresponding receipt.

How to register


Registration and admission consultation 

(always log in with the same account and password)


Guía de Ayuda