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About the Doctoral School

The Regulation of the Doctoral School of the Complutense University of Madrid (EDUCM) was approved by the Governing Council on 29 November 2016. The EDUCM was born with the aim of organizing the training and activities of the PhD programmes in 4 areas of knowledge: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Experimental Sciences and Engineering.

The UCM has 6,480 students enrolled in 57 PhD programs; which develop general and specific training in research techniques leading, ultimately, to the completion of the PhD thesis.

The EDUCM develops a range of training activities, workshops, competitions and seminars addressed to the entire university community, with special attention to PhD students. Focusing PhD students, a series of methodological training activities have been designed to complement and support those offered by programs. Such activities are organized by area of knowledge and taught by our own professors and experts from other institutions. With a view to collaborating in the integration of our PhD students in teaching activities, we are also developing an introductory activity to university teaching aimed at our FPU recruits.

EDUCM, with the collaboration of the Vice-rectorate of Students, promotes the Complutense PhDay: This initiative is coordinated by the PhD students themselves, and seeks to strengthen the relationship between researchers from our different centres and enhance the transfer of knowledge. The first edition of the Complutense PhDay was attended by 25 Schools and more than 1,000 PhD students.

The EDUCM has also joined the joint call organized by the universities in Madrid for the Thesis in 3 minutes competition. This activity was initiated at the University of Queensland in Australia, with the aim of bringing the work of researchers in training closer to society and, in turn, instilling them an interest in the dissemination and transfer of their scientific activity. The first call gathered more than 60 UCM participants; one for each field of knowledge was selected and went to the competition of Madrid region universities.

The EDUCM also aims to encourage the internationalization of our PhD students; to this aim we collaborate with The Europeaeum Scholars Program, a consortium of twelve prestigious European universities.

The aim of the EDUCM is to promote integration and diversity at our University. In collaboration with the Diversity and Inclusion Support Unit, we developed a workshop to promote diversity in research teams and processes. Besides, addressed at UCM professors, a workshop is developed to enhance their skills concerning the supervision of PhD theses.

The organization of the EDUCM and the regulation of its studies are in accordance with the following legislation: