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Industrial PhD Mention

What is the Industrial PhD Mention?

The UCM offers PhD students the possibility of receiving the Mention of Industrial PhD, which aims to enhance the interaction between business and academia, and thus promote the transfer of knowledge from research to its practical application. This mention may be included on the front of the doctoral degree, as long as all the requirements are met.

What are the requirements to apply for the mention?

  1. The PhD student must participate in an industrial research or experimental development project, directly related to their PhD thesis. This may be carried out in the following two ways:
    1. With a public body or other institution with contracting capacity (from now on, Collaborating Entity) that cannot be a university.
    2. In collaboration between the Collaborating Entity and the UCM. In this case, an agreement must be signed between both entities.
  2. The PhD student must have an employment or commercial contract with the Collaborating Entity. This contract, if it does not exist previously, must be formalized at the latest before the end of the first year of permanence of the PhD student in the PhD programme and remain in force, at least, until the date of deposit of the PhD thesis in the academic committee of the PhD programme.

What's the procedure?

  • Application

The PhD student must submit the following documents to the Academic Committee of the programme before the end of the second year of permanence:

    • The application form for the mentionInforme de los evaluadores expertos externos PDF.
    • Copy of the contract.
    • Technical reportInforme de los evaluadores expertos externos PDF explaining the industrial or experimental research project and reflecting the Entity's interest in the development of the project. It will necessarily be validated by the Head of the Collaborating Entity and must be approved by the UCM PhD thesis director/s.
    • Confidentiality agreementInforme de los evaluadores expertos en Word, according to the model established by the regulations.


  • Procedure

The Academic Committee will endorse the documentation and verify the direct relationship between the project and the PhD thesis, will issue a favorable report if applicable, and will send it together with the documentation to the Doctorate Committee in order to get its consent and send it to the Steering Committee of the Doctoral School (EDUCM) for its final approval.

Once the mention has been authorised, the EDUCM will proceed to incorporate the documentation into the student's file.

In the case of collaboration between the Collaborating Entity and the UCM, the PhD student must follow the same procedure established previously and only in this case, an agreement must be signed (if it doesn’t already exist), between both entities. The coordinator of the Academic Committee will request EDUCM for the agreement model.

If an agreement between the UCM and the Collaborating Entity has already been signed, a copy will be sent together with the rest of the documentation at the time of applying for the mention.

How is the defence of the PhD thesis handled?

At the time of submitting the thesis to the Academic Committee, the PhD student whom application has been admitted under the established terms, must provide, in addition to the documents that are generally required, a report signed by the director(s) and the head of the Collaborating Entity indicating that the thesis has been developed in accordance with the stipulations and that the results of the PhD thesis research have been satisfactory and the objectives pursued have been met.


Agreement of the Governing Council of 26 June 2018, approving the Regulation of the Industrial Doctorate Mention. (BOUC of 9 July 2018)

The agreement model shall be requested by e-mail to the following address: escueladoctorado@ucm.es