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Activity document – Research Plan

Document of Activities of the PhD Candidate

The PhD candidate's activities document is the individualized record to monitor and control his/her activities within the program. The Thesis Director and the tutor will review this document. The Academic Committee will evaluate it annually. At the UCM, support will be provided electronically using the RAPI2 web application. The PhD candidate must record the activities to be carried out each academic year, related to his/her program, during his/her stay in the PhD program.

Research Plan

Before the end of the first year, the PhD candidate will draw up a research plan that will include at least the methodology to be used and the objectives to be achieved, as well as the means and time planning to achieve them. This plan may be improved and detailed throughout your stay in the program and must be endorsed by the Director and the tutor.

Annually the Academic Committee of the program will evaluate the research plan and the document of activities together with the reports to be issued by the Director and the tutor to this end. In the event that the Academic Committee detects significant deficiencies, it may request that the PhD candidate present a new research plan within six months: For this purpose, it will be a prerequisite that the student carries out the required enrolment. In the event that the weaknesses remain, the Academic Committee must issue a reasoned report and the PhD candidate will be permanently removed from the programme.