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Tutor and Director


The tutor is responsible for the adaptation of the training and research activity to the principles of the programs and, where appropriate, of the Doctoral Schools. At the moment of admission to the PhD programme, each PhD candidate will be assigned a tutor from the UCM.


The director will be the main responsible for the coherence and suitability of the training activities, the impact and novelty of the PhD thesis . He/she will guide the planning and its adaptation, if applicable, to other projects and activities where the PhD candidate participates. The thesis may be co-directed by other PhDs when there are reasons of an academic nature, such as thematic interdisciplinarity or programs developed in national or international collaboration, with the prior authorisation of the academic committee. This authorization may be revoked at a later date if, in the opinion of the academic committee of the program, the co-supervision does not benefit the development of the thesis.

Both the Tutor and the Director must follow the recommendations and commitments established in the code of good practices as well as the written commitment.