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Training Area

In order for students to acquire the skills and abilities defined for the PhD degree, the PhD School organizes each academic year a series of transversal training activities, of an optional nature, and structured in different categories.

Registration for transversal activities

The registration of these transversal activities is defined for each activity. The activities are advertised on the website of the UCM Doctoral School with the link to register through the UCM events website within the indicated period. After verifying that the applicants meet the requirements, the selection of students will be in order of registration until all slots offered are covered. A waiting list will be established in case there are vacancies.

Instructions to take into account for enrollment in the training activities organized by the UCMDS

  • Only UCM PhD students who have not submitted their thesis with the Academic Committee can attend.
  • Mere registration does not imply obtaining a slot in the activity. All registrations will be previously validated by the UCMDS.
  • Minimum attendance 80%. If it is 4 sessions or less, none can be missed.
  • If not registered through the events website, no certificate will be issued.
  • Students who are not up-to-date with the tuition payment or are in a situation of withdrawal (temporary or due to unforeseen causes) will not be able to enroll.
  • Once accepted in the activity, if you cannot attend, you must notify it at least a week before the start date of the activity. In the event that it is not communicated, it will be taken into account and penalized for subsequent registrations.
  • If you are admitted through the waiting list, you must confirm acceptance of the invitation within a maximum of 24 hours. In case it is not confirmed, the slot will be assigned to the next PhD student on the waiting list.
  • In order that all interested PhD students can access the training offer, each PhD student may only enroll in a maximum of four activities per academic year. PhD students who have carried out four activities and are interested in other activities may register, which may be taken into account in the event that there are vacancies.
  • To obtain the certificate, you must be qualified as "Apt". NOTICE: Certificates will be issued with the names and surnames with which they register on the events website. After the certificate is issued, no rectifications will be accepted.

Other activities

Completed training activities