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Annex for students


1. How do I access the RAPI2 application?

Go to the http://www.ucm.es website, click on UCM ONLINE (bottom of the page), then GEA –UCMnet, and then enter your UCM email account and your password. In the menu of the left, click on “Estudiantes de doctorado”, then “Documento de actividades y Plan de Investigación”.

2. How do I create an email account at UCM to access RAPI2?

You must create it at https://idm.ucm.es/perl/idmActivarAuth.pl

If the UCM email account is blocked or if you forgot your password, you can get a reset code at the student secretariat of the faculty where you are enrolled, at the staff section (professors) or at any UCM library.

3. What do I have to do in the RAPI2 application as a doctoral student?

You must generate the Research Plan and describe the concepts related to each chapter or item. To do so, you must go to “Plan de investigación” (Research plan) tab > “Generar plan” (Generate plan) button. For each academic year in which your enrolment is in force, you will have to generate your research plan; to do so, you will only have to press the button “Generar plan” (Generate plan) > ”copiar el plan” (copy the plan). This action will copy your reseach plan of the previous academic year into the ”registrado” (registered) state, which will allow you to make modifications, if necessary. Don't forget to check the ”para revisar” (to be reviewed) chapters.

In addition, during each academic year in which your enrolment in the PhD programme is in force, you must record the activities you have performed that you wish to be assessed, describing the concepts related to each of them. These activities will be part of the student's individualized “Documento de Actividades” (Activity Document). This is done using the “Actividades” (activities) tab.

4. In what state should I put the activities included in the “Documento de actividades” (activities document) or the chapters or items of the “Plan de investigación” (research plan) so that the tutor or director (UCM) can review them and assign status?

In the state “parar revisar” (to be reviewed).

5. As a student, in what states can I make modifications to an activity included in my “Documento de actividades” (activities document) or to a chapter or item of my “Plan de investigación” (research plan)?

In ”registrado” (registered) or "pte. de corrección (visado)" (awaiting assessment (endorsed) states.

6. As a student, can I make modifications to an activity of my “Documento de actividades” (activities document) or to a chapter or item of my “Plan de investigación” (research plan) that is in "para revisar” (to be reviewed) state?


7. Which states do not allow modifications of an activity or chapter because they are definitive?

”Aceptada” (accepted) or "Rechazada” (rejected).

8. At the UCM, what does the ”Evaluación” (evaluation) tab in the RAPI2 application allow you to see?

The annual and joint (positive or negative) evaluation of a student's “Documento de actividades” (activities document) and “Plan de investigación” (research plan).


Annex for teachers


9. As a coordinator, tutor or director (UCM), why don't I see information concerning an activity or chapter in "para revisar” (to be reviewed) status?

The most frequent reasons are usually:

Because the student has not recorded any information in the concepts related to an activity of the activities document or to a chapter of the research plan.

Because the activity is recorded in an academic year in which his/her enrolment in the PhD program is not in force. At the present time, this would affect only RD 99/2011 students who started studies in the 2013/2014 or 2014/2015 academic years.

Because the student’s enrolment in the PhD program is not in force at the moment when the coordinator, tutor or director enters the student's file.

Because the student has not formalized the registration in the corresponding academic year.

If the director is not able to see the information: because he/she is not yet registered as director in the student's file.

If the tutor is not able to see the information: because he/she does not appear as such in the file (lack of updating).

10. As a tutor or director (UCM), in which states can I access activities of the activities document or the chapter or items of the research plan?

In the "para revisar” (to be reviewed) state, provided the enrolment of the current academic year is in force.

11. At UCM, how is the annual activities document and research plan evaluation of students recorded?

The student secretariat sends the report to the Academic Committee of the PhD program, according to the calendar established for each academic year. Once fulfilled, the Academic Committee will return the report to the secretariat so it is included in the student's file. The qualification may be consulted by the PhD candidate at RAPI2.

12. Can external (non UCM) thesis directors access the RAPI2 application?


13. How do external (non UCM) thesis directors review a student's activities document and research plan?

The doctoral student can generate a PDF file of the activities document and research plan from RAPI2 and send it by e-mail.

 14. In the previous case, who records in RAPI2 the decision of the external director?

The UCM tutor or director.