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Training Activities

The activities to be carried out by students on the PhD programme in Advanced Chemistry are listed below.

The student must reflect them in the corresponding activities document and they must be reported favourably or unfavourably by the tutor before their evaluation by the Academic Commission of the PhD programme.

1. Conference papers

Students must present a minimum of two communications, oral or poster, at national or international scientific meetings during the period of their stay in the PhD programme.

The activity will be accredited by the inclusion in the activities document of the abstracts of the communications and a copy of the proof of their presentation.

2. Stays in other laboratories

Those students who have funding will have to carry out a three-month stay in a research centre outside the UCM. The stay will be accredited in the activities document by including the corresponding supporting document, a copy of the publications derived from the stay, as well as any other activity carried out during the stay.

Given the need for funding, this activity will not be compulsory.

3. Attendance at courses and lectures

All students must justify attendance at specific courses and lecture series for a minimum of 60 hours during the total time spent on the doctoral programme. Justification must be provided by means of a copy of the minutes of the course or proof of attendance signed by the person in charge of the course or lecture series.

A list of the courses or lecture series offered at UCM that are in accordance with the lines of research of the programme will be published annually on this page.

The Academic Commission will assess the suitability or otherwise of any other course or lecture series taken by students that is not included among those proposed by the Departments concerned.

The hours that students must justify may be carried out, indistinctly, in any of the lecture series or courses accepted in the programme.

4. Symposia organised by the PhD programme

The Academic Commision in collaboration with the Departments involved in the programme will organise, on an annual or biannual basis, symposia in which the students of the programme present their progress, either in the form of an oral communication or in the form of a poster.

The programming of activities during the symposium will be coordinated between the different Departments so that the students associated with each of them can present their work on successive days. The specific activities to be carried out by each group of students will be designed exclusively by the Department involved.

In this respect, each student on the PhD programme will be considered to be associated with the Department to which his/her tutor belongs.

Students must justify their participation in at least one of the symposia during their stay in the programme.

The justification will be carried out through the inclusion, in the activities document, of the summary of the presentation made, as well as the accreditation of the participation by the responsible Department.