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SIIM Knowledge Transfer (Transferencia de resultados del conocimiento)

SIIM works in partnership with various institutions to encourage social innovation and entrepreneurship in Higher Education. The  project European Higher Education Hub EHEH brings together HEIs and innovation support organizations to enable universities to become stronger ‘social institutions’ and embed social entrepreneurship into the mainstream of the Higher Education sector, supporting social entrepreneurs beyond their staff and students, and leading on social inclusion and economic development.
The term ‘hub’ is used figuratively to designate a network where centre and periphery are connected but mobile and non-hierarchical. The European Higher Education Hub (EHEH) will set up a collaborative knowledge alliance to foster educational innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe, driving towards more sustainable and inclusive models that contribute to transform education, production, welfare and governance systems.
EHEH uses a collaborative framework with a network of cluster ecosystems that incorporates a broad spectrum of actors and contexts connected to Higher Education and social entrepreneurship (various Impact Hubs and This scale up framework functions around regional and thematic clusters for mutual support, and establishes structures and capabilities to transform the exchange of knowledge and good practices within HE in Europe.
SIIM works in collaboration with the Marie Curie Alumni Association. MCAA organizes a highly interesting series of webinars on the topic of Bridging Business and Science. They can be accessed here
SIIM also collaborates with EASSH and other SSH initiatives.