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SIIM: Research and Social Innovation

SIIM research has practical purposes, seeking to establish strategic narrative structures operating in intermedial connective environments, inter-art hybrid genres; strategic narratives that can contribute to create social impact. Projects in which SIIM takes part include the study of myths from an intermedial perspective, micronarratives, electronic literature and various projects related to teaching innovation and knowledge transference.

The practical application of theoretical research fosters collaboration with national and international grouls (Harvard Univ., Brown Univ., Linnaeus Univ, among many others), creating synergies in various areas of society, including social actors such as private enterprises and NGOs. All these actors contribute to form a network of active communities that exchange knowledge, international cooperation and social innovation.

SIIM fosters exchange and dissemination of research results in peer-reviewed and impact indexed publications, contributing to the visibility of the research: a bilingual (English-Spanish) Journal of Artistic Creation and Literary Research JACLR, aimed at recent graduates, which gives visibility to their research and creative writing, and a collection of books Complit InterArt part of the New Directions in the Humanities group. SIIM also includes a translation practices linked to the Victorian Web, which has enabled translation training for over 80 participating students.

SIIM innovative teaching practices include participation activities in “The University in the Street”, the “Week of Letters” and the “Week of Science” , many of which have been recorded in various videos:  “Transmedia challenge” at Cultural Factory (2016) "Intertextual Dialogues" (2015)  “From William Burroughs to electronic literature"(2014),  “World Englishes” (2013), “Once Upon a Mashup (2014)”, “Espido Freire’s creative workshop” (2012), “Educating in Humanism” (2011). See SIIM InterCrea Hub

Creating knowledge transmission channels for transference of SIIM research to society is also an active endevour. See SIIM Knowledge Transfer and also the journal Miscellanea.

Areas of interest
-The study of artistic forms as metacognitive tools
- Strategic storytelling and Social Innovation
-Research on multimodal social semiotics and intersubjective cognition
-Intermedial studies, translation, re-mediation, adaptation
-Sociological impact of World Literature(s)
-Research on cross-cultural aspects attached to Social Sciences and Humanities
- International Cooperation 
- Training in Academic Publishing and Creative Writing