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David Alonso García

David Alonso García. Ph. D. from Complutense University  Madrid, is Professor  at the Department of History in the Faculty of Education. He has been Vice-Dean of Innovation and New Technologies and Director of Unit for New Technologies and entrepeneurship and Currently, David is Director of the Oficina Complutense de Emprendimiento (Compluemprende). 

He has also been the Director of the Máster of Formación de Profesorado in Complutense  and ViceDean at the Faculty of History.

His area of expertise includes Tax history and Financial networks in modern Spain and Europe. He was principal investigator in DynCoopNet network, managed by Drs. J. W. Owens and A. Crespo and supported by the European Science Foundation, where the key topic attends to the role of cooperation within merchant networks. 

David Alonso was also chief investigator in  research project for using GIS technologies in order to analyze Castilian tax system between 15th- 16th  centuries.  He has been visiting fellow in the London School of conomics (2000), Università di Roma “La Sapienza” (2001) University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA, 2006) and Università di Roma Tre (2010).

He has published more than 70 scientist work, including books, articles, papers, contributions in meetings, etc. and participated as member or as chief coordinator in various educational innovation since 2005. His ways of learning are focused on motivational aspects and cooperative methods. He has organized and participated in different meetings about this issue and published different works about this issue.

As Vice-Dean of Innovation and New Technologies he seeks to promote new educational methods in the field, working with trending organizations such Design For Change, Fundación Telefónica, Red Emprendia or Impact Hub Madrid.

Since 2012 he co-dirccts Learn & Enjoy Centre of Studies, an innovative company located in South of Madrid where many educational trends are employed in the teaching of languages. In only 4 year, the school has almost 300 students, including children, adults, companies and cooperative programs with local councils.

In 2016 he was awarded (with Asun López-Varela and David Villar Barragán) the "accesit" VI Edición Premios UCM Emprendedor Universitario.