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Business models and start-ups

  EHEH includes collaboration with different social sectors and actors.

  EHEH expected results, outputs and outcomes involve the following.

  • Improve student experience: Higher education funding is increasingly driven by student choice, and in turn student choice will be increasingly influenced by the benefits they gain beyond the curriculum they study. Evidence from previous experiences by EHEH partners suggests that social entrepreneurship enhances students’ programmes by applying their academic knowledge, training or skills in a practical context.
  • Increase student employability: Evidence from internal and external evaluations of previous projects by EHEH partners evidence the relation between leadership, practical skills complementing academic studies as a combination of key importance in securing a job, opening routes to job creation and self-employment.
  • The establishment of new partnerships: networking with student bodies and local social enterprises
  • Emergence of Regional Expert Clusters, either on a geographical or thematic basis. Such grouping would be well placed to communicate and collaborate to address emerging local needs and issues.
  • Learning and development events to share good practices
  • Slide presentations from MCAA videos Bridging Business and Science (below) can be downloaded from: