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Transferable Skills for Students and Early-Career Researchers

The 21st century confronts us with a new paradigm of knowledge, complex and variable.  This challenge must be addressed effectively and is leading us to question educational systems. Our future requires co-creation mechanisms to re-conduct ideas differently. Co-creation is a collaborative process that transforms visions and requirements into high-potential social innovation concepts.

The project offers a methodology and a toolkit to implement Transferable Skills at various levels of the EU education framework. It follows along the following steps in a feedback cycle (please see description)


David Alonso

Asun López-Varela

Marta Silvera Roig

Xiana Sotelo


Resultado de imagen de design kit

The Eurodoc report works in the direction of identifying Transferable Skills and Competences for employability.

In order to support educators to introduce Transferable Skills in their classroom, this report will be a key reference in the toolkit developed in the current project which seeks to open up practical avenues for incorporating these skills and competences.