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Laboratory Museum of History of Education

"Manuel Bartolomé Cossio"

Museo de Historia de la Educación Manuel Bartolomé Cossío


It houses several manuals and school objects used in the 19th and 20th centuries in both primary school and former teacher training centres. The highlight is a collection of over five thousand primary and secondary school manuals as well as a collection of objects for teaching experimental physical sciences. In addition, it includes a collection of  books on pedagogy and magazines published mostly in the 20th century as well as a wide range of educational supplies and resources for teaching various disciplines, such as the evolution of various learning tools for writing, reading, etc. The museum also contains a valuable collection of maps used in various primary schools in Spain.


Its origins lie in “The National Educational Museum” established in 1882 by the Ministry of Development and closed by the Franco Regime in 1939. The current Museum of the Faculty of Education, organized and conducted by its Department of Theory and History, begins with the exhibition held in 1985 and inaugurated by the former Rector, Dr. Villapalos.

Several exhibitions have been held since then, all of which have been  monographic and  taken place at The Faculty of Education approximately twice a year. The museum is an institutional member of the "Spanish Society for the Study of  Historical & Educational Heritage" with which it actively collaborates on its publications and scientific conferences.

Julio Ruiz Berrio has been Director of the Museum since 1991, when he was appointed by the Faculty Board. He is supported by Dra. Teresa Rabazas (first collaborator) and Dr. Sarah Ramos (secretary). They also have an intern assistant for specific tasks.