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Pedagogical Museum of Children Art (MUPAI)

Museo Pedagógico de Arte Infantil (MUPAI)


Our collections are made up of art works (drawings, paintings, sculptures, models, photographs, short films) all of them created and done by children and teenagers from all over the world. Some of the art works have been donated by private collections or come from educational activities that have been carried out at the Museum itself.


The Educational Museum of Children"s Art was created in the Department of Education at the Faculty of Arts in Madrid. The project was founded by Manuel Sanchez Méndez and its current Director, Manuel Hernández Belver.

The MUPAI was founded in 1981 with the aim of improving educational resources and establishing a research place to investigate artistic expression of children, and at the same time offering a meeting place for children and teenagers. It is the first museum focused on children"s art and its educational role. There was a turning point in the year 2003 when the museum increased its capacity for activities with children and implemented a counselling service which has provided external services to certain institutions and centres, such as La Casa Encendida, Fundación ICO and Fundación Telefónica.