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Computer Museum García Santesmases

Museo de Informática García Santesmases (MIGS)


The García-Santesmases Computer Museum (MIGS) displays old machines that were developed at the Complutense University between 1950 and 1970, commercial computers which were used in the university computer centre since 1968 and technological equipment donated by departments, private individuals and other entities. The collection is displayed in chronological order and arranged by categories. The museum aims to provide a comprehensive and didactic approach to the development of information technology in the last fifty years: explanatory panels with descriptions of features and operating procedures are displayed next to each piece.

One of the most significant objects of the collection is the "electronic differential analyzer" designed by García Santesmases between 1952 and 1954. It was built at the Faculty of Science of the University of Madrid (what is the Complutense University today) in collaboration with the Institute of Electricity and Automation of the CSIC (Spanish Board for Advanced Studies and Scientific Research).

To complement the García-Santesmases Computer Museum collection, visitors can access an extensive historical archive at the library of the Faculty of Information Technology. 

The museum also offers many online exhibits on a variety of digital resources such as a virtual tour, visual resources (photographs, videos, press releases,...), catalogues, etc.


The museum was inaugurated on November 27, 2003, and it is dedicated to the memory of Professor José García-Santesmases (1907-1989), a pioneer in Computer Science teaching and research in Spain.