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Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology

Museo de Arqueología y Etnología de América


A collection of objects related to the ecosystems and cultures of the Americas. It houses pieces of archaeology, ethnology and folk art along with osteological, environmental and malacological  materials. 


Since 1960, thanks to numerous professional contacts and selfless donations, the Department of American History has been gathering  a large number of objects belonging to the diverse cultures of the Americas (past and present).

They were used in the American Studies Seminar with a clear educational purpose, encouraging and introducing students to a new cultural space: the Americas.

Since 1970, the projects and archaeological missions of the Department of Anthropology and Ethnology have also provided new study materials which have been broadening the collections until today.

Currently, donations and unlimited loans are what make it possible to broaden and update our collections and the vision of the Americas for our students.