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Monitoring Reports

The monitoring report of teaching activity for official Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees has approximately 10 editions spread between the months of November and May.

The information shown in the reports is collected through a sampling of randomly selected students and graded by studies and course within each Centre. The sample is proportional within the centres according to the variables of grading indicated and taking the UCM data as demographic values. The total sample for UCM is composed of 26 independent sub-samples.

To provide data of the classes at UCM the sample is balanced according to the weight of each centre, taking the number of teachers as reference value. The class attendance data is weighted according to the number of students per Centre. In both cases, the course information is used for the weighting before the current barometer, which is the last information available when commencing the surveys.

The questionnaire is designed to create the barometer, which has remained fundamentally constant since the 2006-07 academic year.