Grupos de investigación

Dirección de TFMs


DIRECTORA: Carmen Maíz Arevalo (desde 2010-2011)

Carrasco Pérez, Jesús. An English-Spanish contrastive study of jocular mockery on Face-book: the influence of age.


Cristea, Ligea. A cross-cultural study of refusal strategies in British English and Peninsular Spanish.


Glotova, Svetlana. CLIL lessons in law: A case study in Russia.


González Romero, Rocío. Multimodality and English as a Foreign Language: Image-text Interaction for enhancing Students' reading comprehension.


Martínez Celis, Andrea. The Role of Pragmatics in English Teaching: A Study of Pragmatic Competence of Students from Spanish Institutions.


Moslehi, Sepideh. A comparative study of the compliment responses between English and Persian TV interviews.


Sanjuan El Bakkali, Sara. A cross-cultural study of greetings in Peninsular Spanish and British English.


Serú, Nadia Alelí. Gender representation in online EFL teaching material: A case study of Spanish teacher’s comics.


Shabaka Fernández, Sonia. The linguistic realization of disagreements by EFL Egyptian speakers.


Sicilia Polo, Laura. Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Students with Down Syndrome: A case study.


Wood, Louise Diane. Cultural Clashes in Intercultural Pragmatics.




DIRECTORA: Juana I. Marín Arrese


González, Alvaro: Cancellations and humour in Lewis Carroll's tales. 2007-2008.


Rubio Muñoz, Agueda: The Washington Post and El País: Different ways of conceptualizing the current financial crisis. 2008-2009.


Famelart, Emeline: Multimodal Metaphors and Advertising: A Trilingual Comparison of the Use of Multimodal Metaphor in Bank Advertisements. 2009-2010.


Khir, Ghuffran: Metaphor within-culture variation: Metaphors of the ‘Islamic Veil’, ‘Female’s Body’and Cultural Integration’ among the mainstream British Culture and Islamic British subculture. 2009-2010.


Potapeiko, Jelena: Gender Discourse Democratization: Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health. 2009-2010.


de Carlos Fernández, Laura: Metaphors, blends and cultural associations in advertising: a four-language comparison of cultural and gender issues. 2010-2011.


Karshenas, Hosna: A study of English translations of metaphorical expressions in Saddi´s “Golestan The Rose Garden”. 2010-2011.


Segreti, Daniel Joseph: Animal Farm Revisited: A Conceptual Integration Analysis. 2010-2011.


Sanquer, Laura: The conceptualisation of the Tunisian and the Libyan revolutions in the French and the American press: A contrastive study between Le Monde and The New York Times. 2011-2012.


Alrubaian, Haifa Mohammed: A Cross-Cultural Examination of the Use of Multimodal Metaphor in English and Arabic Cartoons of the ‘Arab Spring’ in Egypt. 2013-2014.


Schlemmer, Sarah: The use of effective stance markers in advertisement targeting women: representing existing conflicts or imposing them to sell? 2013-2014.


Talavera Lombarte, Eugenia: An analysis on the relation of inter-semiotic cohesion and humour creation in online memes. 2014-2015.


Martín Torres, Gloria: The Representation of Terrorism in American News Reports: A Critical Discourse Analysis Perspective. 2015-2016.


DIRECTORA: Begoña Núñez Perucha


Rodríguez Alayo, Wendy J (2016). A critical discourse analysis of the (self) representation of Hillary R. Clinton in public discourse.


Birkus, Orsolya (2016). The discursive representation of language practices and European identity in the main Treaties of the European Union.


Conejero Cuadrado, Jorge (2016). A comparison between the subgenres of movie and book reviews by analyzing their evaluative elements and rhetorical structure.



Del Peso Sánchez, Sandra (2015). The evolution of immigration discourse in the Maltese press from 2005 to 2015: A case study of the Times of Malta.


Sánchez Martín, Laura (2015). Language and Gender in blogs: An analysis of male and female features for positioning and interaction.


Gael Echitchi, Size Raymond (2014). The discursive formation of nationalism: A study of the Anglophone secessionist movements in Cameroon.


Bernal López, Danilo (2013). Beyond the production of garments: A critical study of the representation of social actors and social events in the information disclosure of four apparel companies.


López López, Luis F. (2013). A critical metaphor analysis of the conceptualisation of economy in the British conservative party: the language of progressive conservatism.


Morales de la Prida, Rocío (2013). A contrastive study of English and Spanish campaigns against domestic violence.


Park, Mok-won (Morgan) (2013). The recontextualization of social events in media discourse: a critical analysis of Korean newspapers.


García Favaro, Laura Elisa (2012).Feminine  identities in cosmopolitan advertising: A critical study of post-feminist media discourse.


Moreno Palmero, Celeste (2008). The contribution of the mass media to the creation of the mental model of the atomic energy: Ideology, cognition and discourse.


Pappalardo, Giuliana (2007). Gender, politics and the media: a critical discourse analysis of the French presidential elections.