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About us

Welcome to the website of the Victimology Research Group: Psychological Care for Victims of Traumatic Experiences (VICTIM). Our group, which was validated in 2013 as a UCM Research Group (no. 971682), is made up of 10 members, all of them linked to the Department of Personality, Evaluation and Clinical Psychology of the UCM.

Through different lines of research our group addresses the psychological problems of people subjected to various chronic stress situations, stressful life events and traumatic events. This research work is based on Experimental Clinical Psychology, with special emphasis on the development of evaluation protocols with psychometric quality and on the design, implementation and evaluation of effective intervention programmes. Our ultimate goal is to deepen our knowledge of psychological reactions to these types of situations (from the development of disorders to resilience), and ways of coping with them. Our main objective is to advance in the development of effective intervention programmes and action strategies, solidly based, that allow to improve the life of people who are victims of aggressions or disasters, serious or chronic diseases, or prolonged stress situations, among others, and to improve the life of people in the face of adversity.

Our work is articulated in four fundamental lines of research:

  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Psycho-oncology and palliative care
  • Stress in caregivers
  • Well-being and health promotion 

The group has received a grant within the Complutense University of Madrid - Banco de Santander Funding Programme for Validated Research Groups 2014 (Ref. GR3/14), and has been rated GOOD in the evaluation of Complutense Research Groups carried out by the State Research Agency (AEI) in 2018 (UCM GR15/17), obtaining funding from the Complutense University in the 2018 call for proposals for consolidated Research Groups.





Qualified as "GOOD" by the State Research Agency of Spain (AEI) in 2018