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One Asia Foundation: cross-cultural partnerships

   The One Asia Community in Cross-Cultural Dialogue with Europe 2019

Course peculiarity: Multidisciplinary   Credits: 4  ECTS  free elective credits to UCM students

Course Dates:  Spring semester: Mondays 4 -7 pm from 18 Feb to 29 April 2019  60 hours

CourseLocation:  Sala de Juntas/Salón de Grados, Faculty of Philology, Complutense University Madrid, Spain.  Metro: Universidad (line 6)

Course director: Asunción López-Varela (Complutense Madrid)

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Course Description: The course provides opportunities to increase the knowledge of Asia in Spain and Europe. It will strengthen cultural relations, enhancing education and opening up political and economic avenues of cooperation. In the course, international scholars introduce Asia-related subjects in the Spanish university.  The course also opens avenues for cooperation with the European Union  in order to stimulate academic mobility (i.e. Eramus+ programs) between world regions, increase interaction between scholars drawing on high-level international expertise, and encourage a more profound mutual understanding between the two continents.  

Specific aim of the course: The course focuses on cultural signifying actions across national, international and transnational borders. Lectures explore the complex multidimensional patterns present in culture, and suggest that global identity is the result of a dialogue performed by means of semiotic exchanges present in the exchange of cultural products across world regions. The One Asia Foundation will offer scholarships to the best students.

Course Objectives: The course introduces students to core topics in relation to Asian communities and encourages the establishment of central areas of research and expertise on Asia, to the benefit of the institutes' national research environments and the European community at large. It also encourages closer scholarly contacts between Asian countries and Europe. The course

  • gives visibility to One Asia Community within world cooperation in matters of education and research
  • helps students cultivate leadership within a wider world view
  • builds up high-quality, cross-border research with a strong focus on dialogue between Asia and Europe
  • encourages the creation sustainable networks within research institutions and scholars
  • strengthens the links and communication between academic research and non-academic institutions and actors
  • encourages cross-cultural diversity and universal value of human through artistic practices

      Participants in the One Asia Community Seminar Series at Complutense Madrid