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Article 83 (contracts with companies)

Organic Law of Universities

Article 83 of the Organic Law of Universities (LOU) regulates collaborations between universities and businesses.

The types of services which the University may provide under these Regulations can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Experimental research and development work.
  • Professional work aimed at introducing new technologies.
  • Artistic work.
  • Consulting activities.
  • Repetitive technical services.
  • Teaching activities related to specialisation, training and advanced courses.


» LOU (Law 6/2001, of 21/12/2001)  


The procedure to enter into contracts or agreements under Article 83 of the Organic Law of Universities (LOU) is the following:

  • Agreement on the draft contract.
  • Submission of necessary documents to the OTRI (contract and annexes).
  • Approval of contract by the Transfer Committee.
  • Signature of contract by both parties (University, Company).
  • Doing the contracted work.
  • Presentation of final report, upon completion of the work.


» Contracting Regulation Article 83  


Sample Contracts 

Documentation of interest