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National tenders

In tenders, unlike other competitive processes, only one proposal is allowed per Entity participating in the procedure, so it requires a prior analysis of the conditions and requirements in order to present the most competitive UCM offer. However, a proposal made up of several Entities (art. 75.2 LCSP) may be proposed under the consortium modality, which will be led by the Entity to which the investigator coordinating the proposal is linked.

The main characteristics of the services that are requested, the requirements, deadlines and documentation to be submitted are established in the specifications of the procedure that accompany the call, which is published in the different contracting portals of each Administration, Agency or Public Financing Entity .
In case of success, the contract between the University and the Public Sector entity is formalized. In the field of Universities, these works are covered by article 83 of the LOU, and require the authorization of the Transfer Commission, prior to the presentation of the proposal.

The modalities of services that the University can provide within the framework of these Regulations can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Research and experimental development work
  • Scientific consulting and advisory activities
  • Testing, analysis and evaluation services and technical reports
  • Market studies, surveys and statistical services

Main procedures to carry out:

1. Prior Authorization in Transfer Commission.

  • Documentation to present: Annexes art. 83, Technical Report and Economic Offer in the model of the call, send to: otrifund@ucm.es
  • Ordinary Processing Deadline: 7 business days, prior to the end date established in the call.
  • Deadline for urgent processing: 3 business days, prior to the end date established in the call.

2. Preparation of the required documentation and presentation of the offer:

  • Technical solvency required. Modalities Art.75.2 LCSP.
  • Essential commitments
  • Special execution conditions.

3. Technical and / or economic negotiation phase (negotiated procedures)

4. Award and formalization of the contract.

The implementing legislation:

Public Sector Contracts Law (LCSP)

Law of Public Contracts in the fields of Defense and Security (LCPDS)

General Regulation of the Law of Contracts of Public Administration

Regulation article 83 of the LOU

Annexes Regulation Article 83