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Art. 83 L.O.U. (contracts with companies)


Article 83 of the Organic Law of Universities (LOU) regulates collaborations between universities and businesses.

The types of services which the University may provide under these Regulations can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Experimental research and development work.
  • Professional work aimed at introducing new technologies.
  • Artistic work.
  • Consulting activities.
  • Repetitive technical services.
  • Teaching activities related to specialisation, training and advanced courses.

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(public procurement)


Tenders are competitive procedures called by Entities belonging to the Public Sector to satisfy a need that they cannot address with their own means. They are published in the different contracting portals of the administrations and public entities.

Through this modality, the Complutense University transfers the knowledge generated by our researchers to the different Public Sector Entities (Administrations, Organizations, Foundations and Public Business Entities) offering solutions to the needs they require, in a field, activity or productive sector concrete.

At OTRI we help the researcher in the processing of this type of projects, we provide the forms and present the proposals to the convening entity.

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The Ministry of Industry offers public grants aimed at conducting technology research and development according to the objectives set in the National Plan for Science Research, Development and Technology Innovation (R&D+I).

At the OTRI we help researchers with the paperwork for this type of projects, we provide the forms necessary and submit proposals to the sponsoring body.

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Many private entities, such as foundations, research centres and large corporations occasionally offer funding to undertake R&D projects, grants, doctoral theses, etc.

At the OTRI we help researchers with the paperwork for this type of proposals. We provide information on the calls, the necessary documents and we submit the proposal to the organising entities.

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