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Master's Degrees

Academic Commission

Master Coordinator

  • Professor Eduardo Guzmán Solís

Members of the Master's Coordination and Admission Commission

  • Professor Raúl Ferreira de Pablo (Departmental Section of Applied Mathematics)
  • Professor María Eugenia de León González (Analytical Chemistry Department)
  • Professor Paloma Martínez Ruiz (Organic Chemistry Department)
  • Professor Endzhe Matykina (Chemical and Materials Engineering Department)
  • Professor Óscar Palomares Gracia (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department)
  • Professor Concepción Pando Gª-Pumarino (Physical Chemistry Department)
  • Professor Daniel Muñoz Gil (Inorganic Chemistry Department)


Student Advising

The Master's Coordination and Admission Commission will act, together with the Advisory Commission of the Faculty, in the tasks of advising students in administrative aspects, in the choice of subjects based on their previous training, and in the search for Master's Thesis.


Email: coordmctq@ucm.es