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Master's Degrees


General Abilities

The Master in Chemical Science and Technology aims at providing a strong knowledge basis to complement the formation acquired in the Degree in Chemistry. Students will improve their knowledge and skills in the chemical science and technology,
will develop new ideas and will learn to solve complex problems.

  1. To provide students with a strong knowledge basis to complement the formation acquired in the Degree in Chemistry.
  2. To promote the development of abilities in students in order to deal with and to solve theoretical and practical questions in new fields of chemical science and technology.
  3. To promote in students sensitivity for giving opinions, having an incomplete or limited information, including thoughts on social and ethic liabilities related to the knowledge acquired.
  4. To develop abilities for communicating their knowledge and conclusions.
  5. To develop learning tools in students, through chemical science education, to continue their educational formation in an autonomous way.
  6. To promote in students enjoyment for research.


Academic and research orientation of the Master

These studies are aimed at students whose professional future is concentrated in three activities: research in the fields of Chemical Science and Technology, university teaching and the industrial sector (companies in the food, paint, cosmetics, plastics, metallurgy, etc.). Of all these, the first two are the main ones, in terms of occupation, since they affect about 80%, and this is the reason why the proposed Master's Degree has an academic and research orientation.

The Master will enable graduates to access a subsequent PhD and to develop their future research activity in public or private organizations or centers, as well as in the chemical industry. In addition, the Master will provide advanced academic training applicable to university teaching, scientific dissemination and management within the area of knowledge of Chemical Science and Technology.

Graduate Profile

The Master's degree in Chemical Science and Technology should train researchers with a scientific preparation that allows them to develop their activity in both the academic and productive sectors, so that they are able to transmit knowledge at different levels and can continue their research in specialized or multidisciplinary areas of these fields.