Applying for master's degrees

Deadlines: 2021
  • First admission period:  February 1 to 26
  • Second admission period: May 4 to June 3, for those master degrees with available places. (This is the main intake)
  • Extraordinary admission period: September 2 to 6, only for degrees with available places.
  • For the Master in Teaching Training and the Master in Clinical Psychology: not published yet.
  • For the Master in Law - access to the legal profession: May 4 to June 3.
Just one application form should be filled in containing all the master degrees the student is interested in (maximum 3 options). Exceptions: Master in Teaching Training and Master in Clinical Psychology have their own application form.

Masters offering

Where to apply: online: Registration (except for Master in Teacher Training and Master in Clinical Psychology)
            Registration for Master in Teacher Training and Master in Clinical Psychology
Supporting Documentation:
  • National identity card (DNI), passport, NIE
  • Curriculum Vitae with the applicant's academic and professional training.
  • Legalised transcript of the holder's record, translated into Spanish.
  • Specific requirements stated for each master, if any.
  • Students that are about to obtain the bachelor degree (before September 30) must fill in the “Statement of degree”.
  • Students with a Non-Spanish degree must submit:
  • Non-EEES area: Students must meet one of these requirements: 
  • Citizens of non-Spanish speaking countries must hand in a B2 level certificate of Spanish language. Exceptions:

a. Those who have studied in a Spanish-speaking education system.
b. Those who apply for a master taught entirely in English.

Valid certificates of Spanish language

Remarks: all the documents must be scanned (pdf or jpg). It is really important to look up the master's webpage in case there are changes or further instructions.
Results and Claims: Results on the online registration form.

 First admission period:

  • Results: March 22, 2021 onwards.  
  • Claims: March 22-24, 2021.

Second admission period:

  • Results: from June 21 2021 onwards.
  • Claims:  June 21-23, 2021.

Extraordinary admission period:

  • Results: from September 20 2021 onwards.
  • Claims: September 20-22, 2021.

Claims should be addressed to the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs.

Waiting List:
  • July 1-31, 2021.
Remarks: Non-EU students: the approval of their university degree by the Spanish Ministry of Education is always required for the masters that qualify for the practice of a regulated profession.

Non-UCM master's students interested in continuing their master course at UCM
 should first apply for registration and then enrol if the admission is favourable. Later on, the application for recognition of equivalent subjects may be submitted at the Student Office if applicable.

Administration Office: Sección de Admisión a Másteres Universitarios