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DEC-HUMLOG: Decision AID Models and Data Science for Disaster Logistics, Sustainability and Social Analysis

Brief description

DEC-HUMLOG focuses on the development of new mathematical models for decision aid in management, with special emphasis in Humanitarian Logistics and Disaster Management, Development and Human Behaviour. The mathematical framework is Operational Research and Data Science. Among the models and methods used and developed are Integer Programming, Stochastic Programming, Metaheuristics, Multicriteria Decision Making, Decision with Uncertainty and Risk, Game Theory, Fuzzy Logic, Machine Learning... applied to problems of planning, location, transportation, distribution, networks, assessment, forecasting, classification... These models are developed for applications in several sectors, as, assessment, preparedness and response in relief operations, especially in developing countries; wildfires prevention, preparedness and response; staff rostering in different sectors; transportation and location; images classification; social networks; and sustainable development.




External Collaborators

  • Federico Liberatore (Visiting professor URJC, Assistant Professor University of Kent, United Kingdom)
  • Elisenda Molina Ferragut (Associate Professor, BS Institute of Financial Big Data, UC3M)



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  • 5 May 2023. Granting of a Thematic Network on Multicriteria Decision Making coordinated by IMI

    In the 2022 call for Research Networks of the Spanish Research Agency (Agencia Estatal de Investigación), the Thematic Network on Multicriteria Decision Making (Red Temática en Decisión Multicriterio) has been awarded, with IMI being the center coordinating it. The Network is structured into 10 groups, each of which integrates various nodes of the Spanish Multicriteria Decision Making Group (Grupo Español de Decisión Multicriterio), whose principal investigators are: Begoña Vitoriano (IMI, Network Coordinator), Antonio Jiménez (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), Amelia Bilbao (Universidad de Oviedo), Inés Couso (Universidad de Oviedo), Amparo Mármol (Universidad de Sevilla), Herminia Calvete (Universidad de Zaragoza), Francisco Ruiz de la Rúa (Universidad de Málaga), José María Moreno (Universidad de Zaragoza), Ana García Bernabéu (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) and José Antonio Gómez-Limón (Universidad de Córdoba).
  • 17 de abril de 2023. Fruto de la iniciativa Acción Matemática contra el Coronavirus lanzada por el CEMAT en 2020 se ha publicado el artículo "Effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical intervention in nine fields of activity to decrease SARS-COV-2 transmission" del que Begoña Vitoriano (miembro del IMI) es coautora. La nota de prensa con más información y basada en un texto consensuado por el ISCIII, el CCAES y el CEMat se puede consultar en el siguientelink. 

  • 16 de junio de 2022. Desde la semana pasada, nuestra compañera Begoña Vitoriano es la nueva Presidenta de la Sociedad de Estadística e Investigación Operativa (SEIO). Además, le apoya como secretario Javier Martín Campo, también miembro de nuestro instituto.