Institutos Universitarios

María Teresa Ortuño Sánchez

Titular de Universidad (Associate Professor)
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
School of Mathematical Sciences
Complutense University of Madrid






Doctor in Operational Research (1995) and Graduate in Mathematics for the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), I am currently an Associate Professor in the Statistics and Operational Research Department (Mathematical Science School), UCM.

I am part of the research group HUMLOG (Decision Aid Models in Logistics and Disaster Management-HUManitarian LOGistics) at the Complutense University. I have been involved in research projects all along my career, including general knowledge and transfer of knowledge projects. I am interested in Cooperation, and have been part of several university cooperation for development projects that have taken me to Nicaragua and El Salvador. I have also been part of different European programs, including research stays at University of Glasgow, Imperial College, London, U.K., or Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.


Research interests

Author of more than 50 research papers, I have worked in the following fields: Reliability and Simulation Systems, Integer and Stochastic Programming, Production Planning, Combinatorial Optimization and Logistics. My current scientific work focuses on Humanitarian Logistics and Green Technologies.


Latest Publications

  • J. J. Lastra-Díaz, M. Teresa Ortuño. Mixed-integer programming models for irregular strip packing based on vertical slices and feasibility cuts. European Journal of Operational Research, (2024) 313, Issue 1, 69-91.
  • I. Flores, M. T. Ortuño, G. Tirado. A goal programming model for early evacuation of vulnerable people and relief distribution during a wildfire. Safety Science. 2023, 164.
  • I. M. Gómez-Chacón, T. Ortuño, A. de la Fuente. Aprendizaje-Servicio en Matemáticas: Uso de Trayectorias de Aprendizaje en la formación universitaria. REDU. Revista de Docencia Universitaria.  2020, 18, 1, 213-231. ISSN 1887-4592.
  • J. L. Arroyo, A. Felipe, M. T. Ortuño, G. Tirado. Effectiveness of carbon pricing policies for promoting urban freight electrification: analysis of last mile delivery in Madrid. Central European Journal of Operations Research. 2020, 28, 1417-1440.
  • I. Flores, M. T. Ortuño, G. Tirado, B. Vitoriano. Supported Evacuation for Disaster Relief through Lexicographic Goal Programming. Mathematics. 2020, 8, 648.
  • J. M. Ferrer, M. T. Ortuño, G. Tirado. A New Ant Colony-Based Methodology for Disaster Relief. Mathematics. 2020, 8, 518.
  • J. León, F. J. Martín-Campo, M. T. Ortuño, B. Vitoriano, L. M. Carrasco, L. Narvarte. A methodology for designing electrification programs for remote areas. Central European Journal of Operations Research. 2020, 28, 1265-1290.